Locksmith Tips And Tricks For You

secure your houseA locksmith performs a number of important services to safeguard property and person. Your locksmith in Singapore is your partner for keeping you and your household safe against intruders, burglars and other criminals. Singapore locksmiths with their handy tools often help and deal with people who lock themselves out of their houses or Singaporeans who lose their house keys. If you have ever wondered how locksmiths actually keep houses safe, here are some tips and tricks your neighborhood locksmith in Singapore recommend.

Do Not Do the Obvious
flower potThe old trick of hiding spare keys under the welcome mat or somewhere in your flower pot is one that is not really recommended, however for practical reasons, people still do them. If you really want to do it, it is advisable to hide your key in a flower pot among several flower pots. Try burying it in some soft soil or have it taped to a hidden plant branch. If you have a doghouse, you could place the key there for your “watchdog” to guard. The bottom line is not do the obvious places where it can be easily found.

Buy Quality Locks

There is a reason why locksmith services recommend certain brands, types or models of lock sets. More often than not, cheap lock sets cause more problems than they prevent due to low standards of quality used to manufacture them. Pay for good quality locks instead. Some examples of good brands that you might be familiar are yale and abloy to name a few.

Use Deadbolts

Deadbolts offer an extra layer of protection against burglars in case the doorknob gets damaged or destroyed. Singapore locksmiths will recommend this because they know how difficult it would be to knock a door down from the outside if it had been secured with a deadbolt. In fact, a door locked by a deadbolt is impossible to force open without the use of some cutting or ramming equipment. Another important advantage that a deadbolt brings is that it is very difficult to pick. Even with low crime rates in Singapore, it still pays to be vigilant, which means it would not hurt to install a deadbolt.
deadboltHere’s a catch, though: Sometimes deadbolts are not installed correctly, so it pays to have someone, preferably a reliable locksmith Singapore expert check it out. If it is not installed well and secured in place, it will not do you any good. Also, use a double cylinder lock deadbolt for doors that are close to a window. Bolts that can be turned with the thumb are easy to manipulate once someone breaks a window pane and reaches in.

Buying a New House? Get New Keys

If you just bought or shifted to a house, apartment or condominium unit, there is a chance that a duplicate key to the main door exists. Keep yourself safe and make it difficult to enter your new home by calling your local locksmith services to have new locks installed.


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