Locksmithing is an art that incorporates lock picking, metalworking, basic carpentry, mastery of tools, and meticulous skill. The rise of mass production has made custom designed locks a rarity; however, there are a host of other locksmith services in Singapore.  Examples include replacing lost keys, designing enhanced locking mechanisms, installing high quality locks, opening locked doors and much more. The tools of the locksmith is only useful in the hands of a trained and qualified locksmith.

Pro Locksmith Tools

A professional and reliable Singapore locksmith should have all the specialized tools required to offer expert and prompt locksmith services. One of the basic lock picking tools is the tension wrench, which works by applying pressure inside the lock to release it.

tension wrench

Tension Wrench

As the tension or torque wrench applies pressure to the cylinder, the locksmith uses a pick lock to push up each pin until they are all flush with the shear line.

pick lock

Pick Lock

Many Singaporeans accidentally lock themselves out of their houses employs the service of a locksmith Singapore technician. As embarrassing as such a situation is, there is a tool that in the right hands can solve the problem in less than ten seconds. A locksmith key turner is a tool that quickly turns a key that is on the inside of a locked door. It works on most second and third lever locks.

key turner

Key Turner

The pick gun is the most popular tool for opening locks. They come in two basic categories; namely, manual and electric. Similar in performance to tension wrenches, pick guns work by moving suddenly upwards, causing the lock pins to jump and the lock to open. The pick gun is so fast and effective that burglars in Singapore and other parts of the world use it.

pick gun

Pick Gun

Certain locks require destructive opening tools such as cylinder crackers. This essential locksmith tool, made of high quality steel, uses an adjustable clamp adaptor to grip the cylinder and break it, thereby opening the lock. For a wide range of affordable destructive tools

cylinder cracker

Cylinder Cracker

The power drill is one of the most essential transportable locksmith power tools. Electric drills come in many sizes, weights and brands, with different drill bits for different materials. A locksmith uses it to drill holes when fitting new locks. The special drill bits cut exact holes in doors to make proper–sized openings for the installation of pre-assembled locksets and other items.

locksmith key machine

Key Machine

Another basic locksmith tool is the key machine. Most key machines cut all types of traditional keys, such as padlock keys, cabinet lock keys, and door lock keys, through either cutting by code, or through duplication. Duplication involves copying a working key while cutting keys by code involves originating a working key by using code numbers. There are three types of cutting machines; namely, manual, automatic, and semi-automatic.

When it comes to vehicle locksmith services, a pump

pump wedge

Pump Wedge

wedge is one of the most essential tools. It is inflatable and made of heavy-duty vinyl material with rounded corners. The locksmith slides it between the weather stripping on the frame and the car door, and then squeezes the pump to inflate the wedge, thus separating the car door from the frame. For other vehicle door-opening tools and accessories for a locksmith Singapore has many tool shops that offer affordable and high quality products.

Other essential Singapore locksmith tools and accessories include latch-opening cards, cutting burrs, key blanks, key rings, key tags, and engraving accessories. There are many locksmith Singapore experts. However, we are able to offer you the best locksmith service in Singapore anytime.

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